23 setembro 2009

Ensaio: The Many Faces of a Man - By Dihelson Mendonça

Dedicado ao meu amigo e Poeta Wilson Bernardo.

wilson bebado 01

wilson 04

wilson bernardo por Dihelson Mendonça

Hence, there´s no possibility of the undesirable!
undestructive am I into my fragile soul
sobber up with so many things I´ve drawn
drunk of life, lost in the champs of my own

Curtains rot by the sound of bricks
dropped shadows emerge from the sudden lights
My heart is a monster who flies and fights
Hard and soft like a bunch of sheeps

Seasons indulge unto me in silence
while prying eyes chant to all forgotten eras
Mute is the second. There ain´t a word to spell...

The universe is confined unto this room
and even though screamming sounds of doom
My heart still beats, drunk on dreams one day I felt

Dedicated to a great friend of mine, Wilson Bernardo.
By: Dihelson Mendonça

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